The Making of…all the things!

Let me start off by saying, that I am slightly hesitant about putting this in a game so young, as it can quickly unbalance game play if left unchecked, so the stipulations placed are heavy, and are likely only to be paid in the most dire of circumstance.

Since we are using the D&D settings, to call the imbueing of items with magic abilities enchanting just wont do. So for the sake of this setting, I will be referring to it as Magecraft.

Any class that is able to learn actual magic, may learn to imbue items with the ABILITY TO BE CHARGED with a specific spell. This will require sacrificing one of the characters proficiency’s from those given with the choice of background, to be proficient in Magecraft.

If taken, the Magecrafter is given the ability to craft magical items of various types at different levels of their caster level. If multiclassed into multiple caster classes, then then sum of the caster levels is used.

For levels 1-6:

The Magecrafter may craft bound spell scrolls, able to hold the spell of anything the Magecrafter is able to cast themselves. These scrolls are only usable by the crafter themselves, hence the name “bound”. If any other person attempts to use the scroll, nothing happens. The magic is directly bound with its creator.

To craft these scrolls, the Magecrafter must have access to a Wizards Workshop, or equivalent, and may only make at most 1 scroll per day. No more than 8 hours can be spent per day to craft scrolls.

Bound spell scrolls require 200g for every level of the spell for the inks that allow such magical binding. A scroll takes 8 hours of crafting per 1000g cost, and no more than 1 scroll can be made per day.

Level 6

The Magecrafter may begin to craft scrolls for others to use. These are called Open Spell Scrolls. These spell scrolls require 500g for every level of the spell, and 8 hours of crafting per 500g cost.

Level 10

The Magecrafter may now begin imbueing items with some magical properties. In order to imbue an item, it must be of at least fine quality, with no previous magic bestowed upon it.
For imbueing of stats modifying magic, such as +1 sword/armor, the Magecrafter must manipulate the weave, to leave trace amounts of pure magic in the very material of the item. This weave manipulation comes at a steep price. For each imbueing, the cost is the equal to the square of the modifier sought multiplied by 1000 GP. An imbueing such as this requires a crafting time of 1 month per 1000 GP of cost. In addition, any imbueing greater than +1, causes the Magecrafter to age 6 months, increasing exponentially for every modifier increase over 2. The items crafted in this manor are bound to their creator, and cannot be wielded by anyone else, without dire consequences.

Level 15

The Magecrafter may imbue items for other peoples use, at the same costs.

Level 20

Seriously…you think you need to craft stuff at level 20?


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