Basic Game Info

I would like to have a session every 2 weeks, at the Reaper Game Store. Each would be about 4 hours, until we get our groove, then it will likely move to 3 hour sessions. This will be my first time GMing, and I have a few goals in mind. I want this game to be snappy, fast moving, and as sand box as the players want it. To keep the flow moving as quick as possible, I am going to have to limit everyone to playing only 1 character, and I would like no more than 5 players. All leveling will be done at the end of the session. To encourage sand box style play, I would like each player to write down a major interest of their character, and a minor interest of their character. The major interest may be something like wanting to become super grand marshall lord of the whosit whatsits, while a minor may be something that the character finds to be fun to learn about like a hobby. You don’t even have to have a skill that is similar in any way, if you find it interesting, then you find it interesting.

I am allowing evil PCs, but note that characters that serve more detriment than benefit within a party, are commonly the sad victims of assoltosis, which may cause sporadic, instant, and permanent death.

In order to best facilitate my brain actually recognizing you for who your character is, I would like everyone to make a name tag large enough that I can read it, which will sit in front of you. A folded piece of paper with your characters race, and name on it is just fine, a picture would be insanely awesome.

Required Texts

The 5th ed. Players Handbook has everything you will need. If you don’t feel like slapping down the obese amount of cash they are asking for this one, then Wizards has decided to hook you up, and you can use their free basic rules for D&D, AND the supplement they made available for FREE online just for Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

I will not be actually starting this game until I have at least 2 other people coming.

Be sure to check the rules on Character Creation


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