Hoard of the Dragon Queen 5th Ed.

The Lost Mine of Phandelver
When in Phandalin

Rise and Shine

As our adventurers began their day at the bar of the Stonehill Inn, in the city of Phandelver, they were being watched by 4 red cloaked men. While Daethos, (human rogue artificer) attempted to garner the affections of the testosterone driven Olga, Iniquity (human assassin) watched as Olga’s shirt dipped lower and lower, and Since (halfling mage) lounged at a table, enjoying the familiar tobacco smell extant in all small local bars.

With Daethos’ attention span waning in the quest for Olga’s affections, the thought of a ball bearing just plinking lazily off the head of one of the red coats watching them was too much for him to resist. While the ball bearing did not reach it’s intended target per say, it did however, create cause for a very ruckus brawl.

With Daethos acrobatically disabling 1 of the 4, the situation escalated quickly until Since blasted 2 of the reds with Magic Missile. It was at this point that Olga had enough and ushered the characters out of her establishment, and by ushered, I mean loomed her man-shouldered wrath above them until they did what she wanted them too.

While on the street, Daethos and Iniquity quickly scaled buildings, urinating on a red cloak in the process, leaving Since to fend off 3 brawlers, or so it appeared. With shots from longbows and Ray of Frost freezing urine soaked bodies, 3 of the red coats fell quickly, while the 4th ran away ducking down allies until he was lost to the group.

After going back inside Olga seemed angry, but not too angry. She explained that those were a gang called the Redbrands, and she has seen what is rumored to be their leader, but she doesn’t know his name. The Redbrands have been seen coming and going from an abandoned house called “Tresendar Manor” She agreed to help the adventurers in some ways, as long as it lead to her breaking free of the Redbrands, and won’t impose direct danger to her, or her business. She provided a barrel for disposing of the bodies in the street without drawing too much attention, and the group took this opportunity to distract her long enough to steal a skin of some of her special stock of beer.

Nothing the Right Potion Won’t Cure

The adventurers decided to visit a potion shop, since it was know to have at least 12 healing potions available. Somewhere along the way, it became apparent that it is much cheaper to simply take, that which you need.

While Daethos cased the store, Since created the illusory sound of a child crying, to add some realism as Iniquity begged the monk to help save a child in danger. The monk never had a chance to save his things. As he went down a side alley guided by Since (all the while gathering info on the Redbrands), Daethos and Iniquity pounced on the opportunity to loot the store.

Daethos came away with a GearGlobe, and roughly 1.5 potions of an unknown substance.
Iniquity came away with 12 healing potions that were split between the group, and a giant blue sapphire that was given to party loot as well.

I Sat on a Tack

Returning to Olga the group learned that Redbrands come in to eat or drink every day, so if they could just get one to take some sleeping potion, they could then put it in their food, and tor..i mean interrogate them, so off to the local potion shop Since ( because the Monk didn’t know he helped steal) went with Daethos ( who also didn’t know the Monk knew it was him). The Monk was very nice and cheery, but was not helpful with any questions posed. When asked if he had a potion of sleep to sell, a proposal was made. Each person was to reach to their own belt, take a liquid and drink it together, then the Monk would help. Reaching down, Since took a swig of a health potion, as Daethos took a swig of the pilfered ale. As the Monk took a swig of his special miniature water skin, he was instantly gone, and a Redcoat wizard appeared in the corner of the small business as 2 other Redbrands attempted to come in the door behind Daethos and Since.

A fireball from the Redcoat mage, aimed at Daethos, wizzed past him impacting the open door, killing or hurting everyone in the room. Both Since and Daethos were lucky to survive such a blast, but the Redbrands coming in behind them had no such luck. As the fireball exploded out of the main door, and into the street, it tore both Redcoats asunder, resulting in a nasty, grilled, sticky, mess in the street, and an exploded front door.

Since, and Daethos quickly retreated to the street where they took cover as Iniquity made his way towards them. As the smoke cleared, Iniquity chanced a view through the shop window to see the monk standing serenely and alone in his shop. As the group proceeded back to the front of the store, they noticed the door was completely repaired.

Daethos, choosing to try to continue to talk to the monk, made his way to the door while the others watched with leery conscience. The monk by his own confessions was in league with the Redbrands to keep his store supplied, and was not willing to help go against them.

“The burning tinge of volatile gas fuming off of the liquid Daethos poured from his flask made his nose contract in rejection. ‘No matter the smell, it gets better once it’s lit’ he thought. ‘Which will it be monk?’ cracked Daethos as he pulled his flint from his pocket and lit a small torch. ‘You do not know what you are involving yourself in’ the monk retorted. A quick flick and the torch hit the ground, igniting the pungent liquid. Turning to leave Daethos spots the monk through the flames quickly take a drink from his miniature water skin, and disappear once again, as the water skin falls quietly to the floor. An excitement spread across Daethos, and across the flames he leapt. The expressions of disbelief still hung on the faces of iniquity and Since, as the blackening smoke of the burning oil spilled forth from the small buildings every pore when Daethos erupted forth from the engrossing blackness pouring from the small side window.”
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